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While some congregations and rabbis may prefer a comprehensive written contract, others prefer a simple letter of intent between the congregation and the rabbi.  In all cases, there should be clarity between the rabbi and the congregation about their mutual commitment to one another, to the community’s mission and values, as well as the importance of Jewish life within the community and for each member.

Above all, K’vod Ha-Rav and Derech Eretz should permeate all conversations about the relationship between the congregation and the rabbi. The CCAR expressly disclaims responsibility for the use of any particular clause(s) contained in this document.

One should always consult his or her own financial and legal advisors as contract discussions proceed. The CCAR’s booklet, Moreh Masah U-matan, is helpful in terms of the context in which such discussions take place.

Please know that state laws vary as to their requirements as to language that needs to be part of contracts. Further, there may be tax consequences related to some of the provisions included herein. Lastly, remember, that no one clause is best for all situations.

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