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Beit Warsawa in Warsaw, Poland

October 21st, 2013 by

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Synagogue/Community/Organization: Temple Beth El Tacoma, WA

On my recent Sabbatical, I had the opportunity to spend two months at Beit Warsawa, the progressive synagogue in Warsaw, Poland. Initially, my wife and I made the commitment to teach four weekends in the program to train Shlichei Tzibur to lead Shabbat, Holiday and High Holiday worship services. We were very impressed with the students and their desire to learn about the liturgy. Because the community was between rabbis, I also co-led Shabbat worship with the Shlichei Tzibur, spoke to visiting groups, and taught the Step-by-Step (Introduction to Judaism) for the weeks we were there. It was a greatly rewarding experience and also allowed plenty of time to explore a part of the world we had never been before. Our colleague Haim Beliak is helping the congregation coordinate visiting rabbis and teachers, as well as working developing other opportunities in Poland.

How was coverage handled?: Cantor took over most responsibilities; lay leaders filled in as necessary.

How was the request made to the Board? Was it built-in to your contract?: It was in my contract.

Was there a protocol developed for reporting back to the Board? The community?: Report to the board; sermons to the congregation.

How was your congregation/community notified?: Bulletin Article

Advantages: We felt like we were contributing significantly to this community. We also had time for our own travel/study.

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